DIY Wall Stencil, feature wall

DIY Wall Stencil

DIY Wall Stencil, feature wallcropped-diy-wall-stencil.jpg

When I moved into my house, one of my first projects was to paint my master bedroom.  The previous color was a horrible green that was not only too dark for the space, but reminded me of puke or baby poop…just no good.  I wanted to stick to a neutral, earthy, bright color for the master that would give the room a relaxing feel.  I ended up choosing ‘Whole Wheat’ from Sherwin-Williams as the base color for the walls.  I love ‘Whole Wheat’ as it reminds me of my favorite time of day- when the sun is just starting to set and the world turns golden.  To get the color I wanted and save a bit of money, I took the ‘Whole Wheat’ paint swatch to Lowes and had them color match it.


Mini Foam Roller
Paint Tray
Painter’s Tape
Drop Cloth, Cardboard, Old sheets/Towels
Ladder (if needed)

I knew I wanted a feature wall, and had been meaning to try out wall stenciling for awhile, so I figured why not!?  I found a stencil I liked on etsy‘, Flourish Trellis’ from diy stencils, and chose an antique white paint to make the stencil pop.  When the stencil arrived, I noticed the company name and copy-write had been cut out of the stencil in the lower corner.  (Meaning if anyone tried to use the stencil, they would also have this information stenciled onto their wall…)  So I covered the cutout portion on either side with scotch tape, which held well and solved the problem.

The Grid:  

This particular stencil did not have corner edge registration marks (the registration marks were actually the circles on the edge of the pattern).  So, I made a grid against my wall starting in the bottom right corner of my room.  I placed the stencil down on the wall and put small pieces of painters tape underneath each of the ‘registration mark’ circles on stencil.  Then I used a pen to draw the exact location of the circles on the painters tape.  (Sorry, this is difficult to explain, but hopefully will make sense with the photos).  Then I worked my way straight up against the corner of the wall, ensuring that the circles I had just drawn at the top of the stencil are perfectly overlapping on the bottom of the stencil.  This grid looks intense, but actually did not take long to make.  (It goes much faster if you have someone handing you the tape!)

DIY wall stencil, feature wall

diy wall stencil, feature wall

diy wall stencil, feature wall


The Stenciling:

I found that the stenciling went faster and applied smoother using a mini foam roller rather than a brush.  I began painting in the lower right corner of the room and lined up the stencil with the painter’s tape circles.  Once the stencil was lined up I used painter’s tape to keep the stencil in place, while I peeled the painter’s tape registration marks out from under the stencil.  Then I stenciled away!  I applied paint to every other section, so as not to smudge the wet paint.  I did have some funky angled areas to work with, as my wall is not square.  My stencil did come with a separate ‘ceiling edge stencil’, however I actually found it easier just to use the base stencil as it was flexible enough to fit in any space I needed.

Note:  I noticed that the paint would start to dry and coat the inside of the stencil making the design smaller and smaller with every application.  Therefore, I would suggest stopping to wash/dry the stencil occasionally to avoid the stencil getting ‘gummed up’.

diy wall stencil, feature wall(Please disregard my crazy hair and painting clothes.  Haha)

diy wall stencil, feature wall

Once the paint was dry, I went back and filled in the unpainted sections.


diy wall stencil, feature wall

Once the wall was complete, I brought out one of my finer brushes to fix any bleeding issues I noticed (see below image).  I used the wall color paint (Whole Wheat) to paint a smooth line over any of the white that had bleed underneath of the stencil.  Once the wall color had dried, the bleeding was no longer visible at all!  Note:  I only noticed this ‘bleeding’ happen the first couple of times using the stencil.  After that, it seems the paint dried around the stencil and formed a barrier that prevented this bleeding from occurring.

diy wall stencil, feature wall

Final product, my feature wall!  I love how it turned out!  So much so, that I am having a hard time putting any nails in the wall!  Next project is the area above my bed, which I plan on putting up a couple of shelves.

diy wall stencil, feature wall

DIY Wall Stencil, feature wall

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