Something Blue Bridal Shower

My latest event design project- my beautiful cousin Katie’s ‘something blue’ bridal shower!

The Decor:
A shout-out to my wonderful, loving aunt who allowed us to use her gorgeous home for the shower!
something blue bridal shower decor

Sidewalk chalk is a cheap way to decorate that sets the tone and theme for the guests before even setting foot in the house!

something blue shower- overhead decor

If you have a high ceiling, I love hanging some kind of over-head decor.  It makes a huge statement and softens the height, making the room feel more intimate/cozy.

something blue shower drinks

I purchased some cheap wooden signs from Michaels, painted them Tiffany’s blue and silver and then even further classed them up with craft pearls and crystals.  I placed these signs thought the party, each stating ‘something ________’ to emphasize the ‘something blue’ theme.  For example, these drink signs say ‘something refreshing’, the perfume bar sign says ‘something fragrant’, the sugar scrub bar sign says ‘something exfoliating’, etc.


The Cake:
The cake and cake pops were made by Sweet Mary’s.

something blue bridal shower cake

something blue shower cake

The Perfume Bar:

Ladies could make their own perfumes using essential oils.  I made ‘cheat sheet’ cards detailing the essential oils used in popular brands of commercially available perfumes so the women could make a ‘mock’ of their favorite scents (or could at least get an idea of what scents would go well together).  At the start of the bar, the ladies could grab their glass perfume vials (which were labeled with a ‘something blue’ sticker) and then choose their essential oils.  When they had obtained their desired scent, they could top off their perfume vials with a carrier oil (grapeseed), then pop on the roller-top and lid!  We also provided coffee beans to ‘cleanse your nose’ between smelling the various oils.  Paper feather template can be found at  I will make a separate blog post just detailing the perfume bar for anyone who wants to try setting up one of their own.

Perfume Bar Collage

something blue perfume bar

perfume bar 4

something blue perfume bar collage

perfume bar example descriptions

something blue perfume bar carrier oil


The Sugar Scrub Bar:
Ladies could make their own sugar scrubs to take home.  We provided three types of sugar (white, brown, and coarse) for various parts of the body, grapeseed oil, blue dawn soap, plastic knives for mixing, as well as honey and essential oils for fun!

something blue shower paper fan display

Something blue bridal shower sugar scrub bar

sugar scrub bar

something blue bridal shower sugar scrub bar- sugars

something blue bridal shower sugar scrub bar- sign

You’ll notice that both of the bars were located on the porch.  This was done intentionally as the area could be closed off when not in use to contain the fragrance from all of the essential oils (in the event that any of the guests were sensitive to particular scents).  The porch also worked out perfectly because the area is not carpeted, therefore any potential essential oil spills could be wiped up and washed (as opposed to having a carpet that will forevermore smell like the spilled essential oil).

A HUGE thank you to my aunt and cousins for all of their help and support with my crazy ideas!  I have the most amazing family!

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